Donald Trump Guilty Of Felony Theft Of My US Mail Registered Mail!

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    I put up websites to fight law enforcement profiteering by providing incompetent criminal reform so people will have to keep going through the revolving doors for life and thus keep the system a profitable industry. I was provoked by law enforcement agencies’ plotting to violate my constitutional rights.

    I really scared to hell out of the US Government. So much so I seems that Donald Trump has took it upon himself to start stealing my US mail.

    I sent a registered mail piece to the postmaster in Redondo Beach, CA containing 208 circulars to be deviled by a special discount mail program to Redondo Beach, California residents. This was an attempt to start my new business not related to potentially subversive (law enforcement reform) websites. I was advertising a website to launch my new business. However, my mail tracking number was showing “Delayed” for over two weeks past the registered mail’s delivery deadline. I thus asked for a refund and the postmaster covered for trump and lied and updated the package status as delivered. Nobody from Redondo Beach visited my website so the mail was not delivered as it should have been if it was received by the postmaster. However, an IP on the White House lawn – that previous visited my anti law enforcement corruption websites, visited one of my business websites about two days after the postmaster in Redondo Beach was supposed to have received these postcards.

    I used ESP (I practice ESP development). I was Trump alright! Now trump is listed with the rest of the people and government agencies I’m seeking to file massive class action lawsuits against. I’m offering a $23,000,000 reward for the assistance I need to bring all these people, whom now include Trump – to justice. If you assist you can help impeach trump by showing the world what kind of criminal he really is. A criminal prosecution with strong evidence would definitely help impeach Trump. Please read all about my project to bring high ranking federal criminals to justice to help impeach Trump and possibly earn a big reward at:

    Disclaimer: Psychic prediction is often over 90% accurate but almost never 100% accurate. So I could be wrong about Trump being behind theft of my mail. But my ESP seems to be backed up by evidence (IP logs) in this case! However, there is a (small I think) chance that someone near or in the White Hose intercepted my mail without his knowledge.

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