grounds for impeachment

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    No matter how much one disagrees with a president’s views and/or actions, impeachment should be initiated only when laws have been broken or certain charges can be proved.
    The recent indictments served on Manafort, Papdopolous and Gates are the results of much work by Muller and his team. Trump could be impeached on the grounds of mental instability and incompetence, but these are hard to prove, as people have different opinions as to what constitutes either of the above potential charges.
    Mueller will not bring indictments against Trump until he has a strong case that he is almost certain of winning. This will be a criminal case, not an impeachment brought by congress.
    I look forward to Trump’s leaving office ASAP whether it be by the House and Senate, or by the court system, but he has not yet broken laws of which I am aware. Lying and being, as Stephen Hawking put it, a ‘very bad man’ are not grounds for impeachment.
    Let’s wait for Mueller to indict him on crimes that will put him in prison not just out of office. People need to do jail time for this stuff, not just be thrown out of o



    This is the worst website ever. There is nothing here. ….Hello!!??



    If you go to the section on this website “ABOUT” and go under reasons for impeachment. Go to the constitution Federalist #63, Character…this is reason enough.

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